wardrobe escapee: what happened?

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

I know you wonder about it, too…that random pair of shoes dangling over the utility wire on the county road, the wadded pair of jeans on the side of the freeway. In my poem work boot at the dog-leg on ammann road, I make some conjectures about what happened to cause the lone work boot to be there, at the dog-leg, that is.

In case you don’t know where Ammann road happens to be, it’s here:

Clearly in the middle of nowhere, but that’s where I live. Not nowhere, but close. I had been to a poetry reading in Comfort that night and was taking the “back-way” home to Bulverde (see the green dotted line). & there it was, there where you see the pin dropped on Ammann Road, at the dog-leg, one of many on that winding, scenic road, one you should drive sometime. We affectionately refer to it as the “roller-coaster.” If you do drive it, you’ll see why!

But watch out! For feral hogs, white-tail deer, low-flying great horned owls and well, work-boots!

Anyway, thanks so much to Jeanie Sanders, editor and to Tony Burnett, Kallisto Gaia Press, Managing Editor for choosing my poem and putting together this fantastic anthology!

Also, you’ll hear me make a serious faux pas at the beginning of this video. Emmy Perez is not just a famous poet, she’s THE current 2020 Texas Poet Laureate! My apologies, Emmy.

Get your copy of the Calendar here!

Namaste Y’all!



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