becoming formidable

selfportrait twenty winters 3 17 14

d. ellis phelps

poet-novelist, painter, peacekeeper

My work is about becoming a #formidableWoman, what it means to become so, and how this happens.ย  It is an exploration of the interconnection of all things.ย  I am an empathic-creative, so don’t be surprised at anything you find here.

On my blog, you’ll read stories and poems and view art. Sometimes, you’ll read social commentary or notes on my spiritual journey.ย  I’ll also keep you up to date on readings and signings and other news of note or of none.ย  I desire to support, comfort, inspire, and challenge you, to feed you beauty, peace, and belonging, as these are the anecdotes to our cultural malaise.

Under The Young Writer’s Idea Box tab in the main menu, you’ll find free prompts for writing teachers of young (K-12) writers.ย  Please do submit finished work for publication byย  #formidableWoman via the “contact us” link.ย  If you or your school would like a creative writing consultation, please let me know and we can schedule a visit!

This is my spiritual practice: experience; process; tell it like it is; sit in silence; listen; create; take another look; experience; process; tell it like it is…

You are welcome here: tell me your stories, make comments & suggestions, ask questions. We’re in this together.

If you consider yourself a peacekeeper and would like to stand with me for peace, snag the html in the sidebar to get your #formidableWoman badge to display on your blog or in your email away message (or simply right click on the image below and copy).

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