“A Kind of Reverence” by d. ellis phelps

Photo by Doruk Yemenici on Unsplash

Thanks to editor, James Adair, of Voices de la Luna, the premier San Antonio literary arts magazine, for choosing my poem, “a kind of reverence,” for publication in the May 2020 issue. I am honored to be among the region’s finest voices here. Please do consider subscribing to the rag. It’s an endangered treasure.

Here you can peruse snippets from past issues to help you decide to contribute. & here is my poem for your consideration:

Something important happened to me when I submitted this piece for the food issue. Even though I had the experience I recount here years before, now, having my current sensibilities, and now having not only written it in my own hand-writing inside my private journal pages, but having published it here and in Voices, I find I can no longer eat beef. Further, I am having trouble eating any animal foods with the exception of fish.

See? This is how art changes the world. Does being a pescatarian make me a better person? No. But being true to my honest urges for good whether anyone else thinks it’s good or not, does.

Think about it.



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