Seaside Experimental Theatre

“Seaside Experimental Theatre” by Taylor Gwin
Seaside Experimental Theatre ii by Taylor Gwin

Precariously Posed

These seaside performers navigate the ultimate improvisation: keeping balance. They are, precariously posed, like all human life, like all of us, especially now. They reach & hold. Breathe and wait. Watch for cues. Listen. Move.

& all of this on the jagged rocks of existence in the company of the impetuous sea, wave after wave coming: a never-ending challenge.

& every move they make, reflected by the face of the water, our essence, the witness, the mirror.

The human body, the community of human life, our body of water perched on the earth, on its body, on it’s body of water…

How we sustain each other in a delicate balance. How careful and sure-footed we must be.

Taylor Gwin is an artist local to Springfield, Oregon. She has been a photographer for over ten years but also spends time doing pottery and fiber arts. She was born and raised in the Midwest and recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest to focus on spending more time outdoors and to continue developing her art practice.

We welcome Taylor’s work to formidableWoman & express our deep gratitude for her contribution of these images. How well she captures fragility, effort, and care.

Thank you, Taylor!

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