what holds her: debut book of poems, d. ellis phelps

I am pleased to announce the publication of my first full-length volume of poetry, what holds her (Main Street Rag, 2020).  Read a kind review of the book in Ocotillo Review here.

This work was created shortly after and during my parent’s dying processes and was received and written as a kind of dictation, me channeling an unfamiliar voice, recording lines as they came, each line, not being delivered until I dutifully recorded the last.

The work is ecstatic in nature, echoing the style and tone of Rumi and Hafiz. I am at once profoundly awed and grateful for its teaching.

Here is a sample poem:

ordained in dreams

i sing


you say:

why have you come

i say:

there is no well

—drop this jar


you are wading

in water

look at what

you cannot


If you are interested, I would be greatly honored if you would purchase a pre-publication copy of the book now at its lowest price, a price that will almost double very soon as we go to press

The book is only available from the publisher. Read more samples of the work or purchase a copy using a credit or debit card here:

What Holds Her / d. ellis phelps

To purchase by check or money order, message me and I will send you the mail-in order form and address.

I am deeply grateful for your support of my work in the world.


d. ellis phelps

Here is the link again in case it failed above:

What Holds Her / d. ellis phelps


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