reconsidering love

the energy of love…

image: Blue Ridge Mountains, Meredith Norwood

If you are someone who has been emotionally wounded, especially by someone who claims to have loved you, this teaching is for you.

Find a comfortable spot where you will be uninterrupted and sit with your feet on the floor or better yet, lie down outside on the ground or on the floor inside and close your eyes to listen. This meditation is designed to bring you into a new understanding of love as a form of energy, asking you to consider what is “not love” & to help you experience a state of connection, a sense of being held and supported by Cosmic Consciousness in non-local space and out of time or, as some might say, beyond the veil…

It will be most helpful if you use headphones. Please know that my techno-savy is only adequate, thus there is no background music here. There is only my voice and silence. This is plenty.



copyright d. ellis phelps, 2019

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