Submit NOW! Deadline tomorrow, June1, 2019

Photo by Enrique Macias on Unsplash Thank you, Enrique!

#writers One day left to submit to this Texas Hills Anthology of #prose #poetry & #photography

Do you have unpublished nature poetry: rattlesnakes, coyotes, wildflowers, wild hogs, Javelina? storms? Have you written about LBJ? John Connally? George W.? Texas Native ancestors from the Hill Country? German immigrants? German food? An good ole time out at the Anhalt Dancehalle doing the Chicken Dance? Funnel Cakes? Life on the ranch? Droughts? Flash floods? The Guadalupe River?
Spanish Moss? Spanish explorers? County fairs? Cowboy boots? Spurs? Texas pride?

Do this! It’s time. You’ll be so glad if you do and so so sad if you don’t!

See guides and submit here.

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