field notes: a poem in motion

I love walking my Chihuahua in the fields next door to my home. Natural life is abundant there and the field has a life all her own that changes daily, momentarily.

This, you can only see when you look closely.

These walks are respite and worship for me and I particularly love this time of year: May.

This year we have had abundant rain, so it’s green here in South Texas, which is not always the case, has been rarely the case for many years since we have been experiencing a drought.

But now, the land is vibrant. Our famous wildflowers are blooming prolifically. And the air is breezy and cool.

Today, I saw Wild Squash, Mealy Blue Sage, Prairie Cone Flower and Agarita berries. Did you know you can make jelly from those berries? It’s really tasty!

Roo, my Chihuahua, sniffed out several large holes, most likely rooted out by the local wild hogs.

Of the nearest herd of about twenty white-tailed deer, we spotted about six today, several doe and at least three bucks with their horns emerging in velvet. Though I know there is a fawn and I saw it this afternoon, the Doe are still keeping it mostly hidden, so I didn’t see it on our walk today. But here’s a shot of it I snapped a few days after it was born.

The final clip is of the Red Oak leaves, a native Texas tree I love. In the fall it’s leaves will turn bright scarlet red. Around here, that’s about all the “fall color” we get!

Go outside! You’ll be glad you did!

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