Sea urchin. Anyone?

Yuk! No way. Not me. But this woman swears it’s good. So if you’re game, drop on by the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market in Little Italy, San Diego and grab one.

If not, there’s plenty more good eats and eye candy to keep even the most seasoned traveler’s interest.  I visited here in March, 2015 (I know.  It took me long enough…)

I figure it’s better to make a post later than never.  Besides I love some of the shots I got.  I think you will too.

I didn’t try the sea urchin, but you knew that. Right?  I did try Chocolate Blonde and Mocha Dark Chocolate Espresso Rickaroons: “Dessert. Fuel.”  These coconut cookies, adapted from the traditional macaroon, are “100% organic, Vegan, Soy & Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly” yummers.  They are moist and delish, individually wrapped and reasonably priced ( like everything else in California) at a low $2.50 EACH.

Having done some Paleo baking myself and having sprung for the expensive flours used in the recipes, I can appreciate why they cost as they do. But let me see. How many copies of my book, Making Room for George would I have to sell to indulge myself daily on this delicacy?  Five copies per day equals one cookie. Yikes!

So these are only in my very special occasion budget ( when someone else pays) kinda like Waxroots candles  also available at the market. These “Handcrafted Natural [non-GMO] Soy Wax,” delights are scented with therapeutic essential oils and have cotton wicks. The large size (burns fifty hours) is $21. Mine is orange and chili pepper scented. Very earthy. Very cool. But if it melts a little and you get the wax on you fingers, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE! My lips burned like the dickens after I did.

This place is a cacophony of color, tastes, and sounds.  An absolute delight.  A morning outing I highly recommend!  Whether it is hand dyed silk scarves, a hand-made one-of-a-kind stylish tie, some locally sourced honey, or some industrial style jewelry you’re after, it’s here plus a plethora of other original goodies you will want to take home.

& even if you don’t buy a thing, you’ll love the sights and sounds.  I promise! Here’s a sample:

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