Guest Artist: Kate Morgan

Over the last one hundred years, some one thousand engravings, reliefs, and sculptures of female images have been found, dating from ca.30,000-9000 BC.  Such figurines are found across a vast area of Europe, from Siberia and the Ukraine to Germany, France, and Italy.  This means that for more than twenty thousand years, a Great Goddess existed in our mythic and religious imagination, art, rituals, and lives.  What these images tell us is that in earliest periods of human consciousness, the creative impulse was imagined as female.

Patricia Reis

Through the Goddess: A Woman’s Way of Healing

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Justice Ascendant

​Please welcome Kate Morgan to formidable Woman.  She says of her photos on this page:

These are travel photos I took: The first of extant architecture to help me remember that “the goddess” upholds everything. The second reminds me that in a strong family, a matriarch equally supports a child, and that water is life.

I agree.  The waters are, in essence, the goddess, divine feminine energy and all that lives must have this water:  physical water, birthing water, and elemental water.

I stand at the banks of our own Guadalupe River,  merge my body with hers, bath in the rapids among the limestones, allowing all that no longer serves to flow downstream in her gentle carrying.

For me, this is sacred ritual, reverence, adoration.  How often do I let myself go to her, let go of life’s minutiae, all this doing, allow my soul its cleansing?  Not often enough and yet, the watery Source is eternal…

I have been forgetful, every minute, but not for a second has this flowing toward me stopped or slowed.


Protected Estuaries by Kate Morgan guest artist 8 18
Protected Estuaries: Rio Grande at Trail-head Park, New Mexico.
Tell me.  What is the name of your river?  When will you wade, wash and remember?

Kate Morgan is a writer and filmmaker.  She says:

Art is life. Poetry is soul. Theory, however, is joy.

Engage more of her work here:



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