Writing Workshop: Boerne, TX

Boerne Workshop May 12 & 26 2018 Poster

Whether you are a writer publishing in multiple genres or a writer just beginning to explore your expressive voice, this writing experience is for you.  We’ll explore the poem in at least two forms:  the poem as epistle or letter and the poem as a blessing or prayer.

We’ll consider the work of other poets writing in these forms; notice and discuss what makes them poetic; brainstorm ideas for writing prompts; write a group poem in each form; individually, try writing in each form to provided prompts or as we are prompted by the muse; share work-in-progress, and give critical response. As time allows, we will experiment with revision and form within the form, for example, line breaks; stanza; punctuation; & spacing.

During the first day of our time together, we will explore the Epistolary form:  a poem written as a letter in direct address to a person, place, or thing.  During the second day, we will explore the poem as blessing: a poem written to bless a person, place or thing or a poem written about a blessing received or desired.

What to bring:  writing utensils; journal or paper; perhaps a letter you might like to transform into poetic form; an open, playful mind…

I hope to see you there!!

heal yourself; heal the planet
d. ellis phelps is the author of this blog and of the novel, Making Room for George (Moon Shadow Sanctuary Press, 2016)

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