every day is earth day…a poem

seed of earth by sanjhowkokaji chihiro via cc

The earth is in our hands…every thought we have and every action we take matters

because the rivers skies and seas

are not toys but living          see?

In this darkly playful poem, written after “Animal Fair,”a beloved song  that my mother used to sing to me when I was a child, I explore topics like global warming; deforestation; plastic & chemical pollution, and the dire need for humans to re-connect with the outdoors and with our Mother.

It is a call to a multitude of actions, actions that must be taken if our planet and our species are to survive.

bee on a cosmos flower by ksblack99 via cc public domain

vote for sun and wind            not oil

please        don’t let our planet spoil

write to congress      sound the alarms

help!      save the bees and bears and farms

Don’t let the rhyming fool you.  Saving the earth and ourselves is serious business.

Together, we can…  Read every day is earth day in its entirety here.


images:  used with permission of the artist via creative commons with some rights reserved unless otherwise noted.  1)  “seed of earth”  by Sanjhowkokaji Chihiro   2)  “bee on a cosmos flower” by ksblack99 (public domain)

d. ellis phelps is the author of this poem, this blog and of the novel, Making Room for George (Moon Shadow Sanctuary Press, 2016)







  1. I went to the animal fair
    The birds and the bees were there

    The big baboon by the light of the moon
    Was combing the elephant’s hair

    The monkey he got drunk
    And sat on the elephant’s trunk

    The elephant sneezed and fell on his knees
    And that was the end of the monk…

    (It still echoes from my childhood, too. And, yes, the playful mood in no way detracts from the gravity/urgency of the message… Thanks for this.🐝🐦🐒🐘)


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