David’s Gift & Love Again by Sandy Rochelle

Please welcome Sandy Rochelle to formidableWoman!

Ms. Rochelle’s poems speak of other worlds, worlds she enters as

Official Space X photos Hispasat 30W-6 MIssion via CC

…fluid and love attach to [her] skin…

worlds she sees as

JingKay2008 Grief is the Price we pay for Love via CC

…A remedy in the face of grief…

worlds of silence and silent invitation into

Jen DeVere Warner William holding hands via CC

…the Universe that lives in the palm of your hand.

This poignant work gives voice to a mother’s grief and to a great love revealing itself as palpable, familiar, eternal.

Read Space, David’s Gift and Love Again hereSandy Rochelle: three poems

Sandy is an award winning poet and filmmaker.  Her work has appeared in Connecticut River Review, West Wind Review, Black Buzzard Review, Spirit in the Words and Tuck Magazine & she is the author of the chapbook Soul Poems (Finishing Line Press).  Sandy is a featured artist in the film Bohemia The Life of a NYC Poet, where she reads poems about her son, David, who is both autistic and deaf.  Sandy has the honor of being named New York State Mother of the Year.

To learn more about Sandy’s work in the world, visit her website here.


image credits:  All images this page are used with permission of the artist via Creative Commons.  Some rights are reserved unless otherwise noted.  #1 “Hispasat 30W-6 Mission” Public Domain  #2 “Grief is the price we pay for Love” by JingKay2008. #3 “Willaim holding hands” by Jen De Vere Warner.

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