Open Call for Poetry Submissions

lotus blossom olga lednichinco via CC

poems for peace:  an anthology to uplift encourage & inspire

This anthology,  poems for peace (forthcoming, fall 2018, is the love-child of  a group of poets and listeners who have been gathering quarterly in San Antonio, Texas since Nov. 11, 2017 in association with the San Antonio peaceCENTER.  This anthology will be published as a perfect bound peaceCENTERbook, with all proceeds go to support the CENTER.

While we are aware that many horrors occur in our world and that, as a people, we seem to be in turmoil and conflict on many fronts, our aim is to provide respite from the apparent problems and to purposefully turn our attention to the good, the Whole, the Holy, that which is full of peace and comfort.

For this inaugural issue of poems for peace, we seek work that is metaphysical, celebratory, fun, funny, lighthearted, playful, thoughtful, warm, tender, beautiful, compassionate, heart-opening, or spiritual without proselytizing, nostalgic without being overly sentimental, empowered without being politically charged and rich with imagery and story but not with graphic insensibility or dealing with overtly, hot topics that may trigger anxiety or anger in the listener (like abuse issues, natural disasters, or tragedy in general).

Rather, we seek work that uplifts, encourages and inspires.  We are especially interested in the metaphysically broad; we look for the profound, real, fearless, gender-inclusive, curious voice.


Please send 3-5 previously unpublished poems of up to ten pages in length and in any form in a single Word document, making sure that no identifying information appears within the document.  Poems may not have appeared elsewhere online, on a personal blog, or in print.  Include a brief, bio (100 words or less) in your cover letter.  Submissions are being hosted by Moon Shadow Sanctuary Press via Submittable only.

Poets included in the anthology will each receive one complimentary copy of the anthology and be entitled to discounted pricing on book purchases.  Further, included poets may be invited to participate in future poets for peace events. For more information or to ask questions about poets for peace or submissions, look for us on Face Book or send us a message here:

We accept international submissions.

Deadline: August 1, 2018



image credit:  used with permission of the artist, Olga Lednichinco via creative commons.  some rights reserved.

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