book reveiw submission guidelines

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  • First, let me say, that if you have written a book, you have really done something.  I honor your effort and persistence. Reviewing a book is my way of honoring quality writing that moves me.
  • I review books by independent and traditionally published authors pre or post publication on this blog at no charge and with no obligation to the author.
  • I read non-fiction, memoir, women’s fiction, spirituality, poetry, self-help, and literary or general fiction with an empowered or courageous female protagonist.  Think To Kill a MockingbirdThe Secret Life of Bees, and Care of the Soul (non-fiction).   I will consider non-violent psychological thrillers and paranormal.  I do not read vampire stories, crime drama, romance, erotica or any other writing that denigrates women or promotes violence against them.  I like books that make me think, that make me feel good or cry for happy.  I enjoy strong characterization and vivid detail.  I love books that are not in a hurry.  (Those are rare.)  I love to be taken away, back in time or to foreign lands, especially those that exist outside of physical reality.  I read only a few books a year, so I am very particular about what I choose to read.
  • Send me a link to your book with a “look inside” if it’s published or, if not, send me a  short synopsis via email to requesting a review.  If your book interests me, I’ll let you know within a few days, requesting the entire manuscript.  Feel free to prompt me once after a week or so.  We all get too busy or check out sometimes.
  • Once I have requested your book and if you have an electronic version of your book, you can gift a copy to me via Amazon.  If you have only hard copies of your book, you can send me a copy via snail mail.  I will provide an address when I contact you.
  • Once I have read your book, I will not review it if I cannot give it a four or five star rating and I will notify you if this is true, otherwise, I will send you a link to your review when I have posted it.
  • Click below to read two examples of my reviews:
  • Corvus Rising
  • Just Because You’re Dead Doesn’t Mean You’re Gone

I also provide editorial services for writers for a fee.  Should you require these services, contact me via email and I will send you my list of services.


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