Endless March: Meet poet Nomzi Kumalo #formidableWoman

Endless March.


    • Dear Nomzi:

      I am well. Thank you. Have not been posting much on my blog. Have been enjoying time with my grandsons.

      Am preparing to do a poetry reading in December. Have been working on my “paintings” page.

      Tell me more about you and your powerful work in the world.

      Peace, D



      • Dear D
        Spending time with your grandchildren must be such a joyful time. I am sure that they adore you.
        Poetry reading, that sounds exciting. I would love to do that again. I have taken a look at your paintings page and it is true that your painting style has changed. Our work absorbs and reflects part of our journey. That is good.

        Me, I look forward to drawing again some day. These days I work with words lyrically. I will soon post my concert date. It’s this month. Positively exciting. Have a great day. 🙂


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