the house of artistic vocation

from the series 2005-2013
“behold”  from the “beyond boundaries” series 2005-2013 mixed media on paper (sold)

We believe that the divine reality can be felt in many ways: trans-personal and personal, non-gendered and gendered.  And we believe that the divine reality contains an Eros — a desire — for the well-being of each life and all lives, in this plane of existence and in all existence.  Thus we appreciate artists who hear a calling to share the calling of the divine with others.  Always it is a call to peace and creativity, to tenderness and aliveness.  Always it is a call to say “Yes” to life and to love.  The art that results from the listening can be shamanic, contemplative, quiet, provocative, pacifying, unsettling, hidden, or political.  In the house of artistic vocation there are many rooms.  That is why we in the JJB community are happy to share the art of one who seeks to listen and make known divine wisdom in service to love: D. Ellis Phelps.

— Jay McDaniel, editor of Jesus, Jazz, Buddhism

I am humbled and honored every time I re-read what this editor says about my art.  Both of us have more to say about the creative process, the nature of the divine and its expression in the world.  That commentary along side other images from my “beyond boundaries” series you can find along with much, much other provocative and enriching reading and viewing food for thought on Jesus, Jazz, Buddhism.

Please visit.  You’ll be glad you did.

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