heaven scent~ d.ellis phelps

Photo by Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash

In celebration of the first drops of rain we’ve seen in South Texas for several weeks and in thanksgiving for Kelsay Books who published my last collection, words gone wild, and who will publish my fourth collection of poetry, of failure & faith (forthcoming, 2023). Thanks also to Voices de la Luna, a San Antonio literary magazine for first publishing this piece which is included in the book. Enjoy!

—after Carl Sandburg

heaven scent

i love the scent
of a summer rain

—feline       marking its field    

svelte swipe 
through tall grass
resplendent bloom

liquid body

coming to cool
this feverish land

how we need this
quenching     now
—profuse perfume
    fresh from heaven

—a guest      surprising
    dropping in


she is the one you have adored
since your beginning

how she nurtured you
cultivated every root

her gentle touch     enough

to coax even the most 
stubborn seed from its pod

& in her puddling remains 

      diamonds     glisten

      children       dance

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