Spirit Thom gives us a push: let’s combine our creative energies and see what happens! Read the thread of poems begun here (his and mine) and post your own response, in the comments below, taking your prompt from the previous poems. Send this link out to your list. Let’s see how far and wide we can send our words. They matter! & they might just make a postive impact for change for the Highest Good.

Photo by Bekky Bekks on Unsplash

Extends when you take responsibility for your poetic communications
Grows when you link BY ANY MEDIA POSSIBLE
into the growing world of poetic peaceful modes and styles
Basically,this initiates a POETIC RELAY-you respond then pass this invite on
to any person who might take it further via creating then communicating
ways and means in metaphor of their choosing-connecting
to any willing creatrix of any age, shape, sex (or none)
just to see what can be done-when creation is harvested
in metaphorical and metaphysical modes. Choice is yours-
to link further and keep this relay going
so our creative energies are combined
continuing in ways and means and styles as yet unimagined.
Well, Zen-let us begin...with your modes of peace
shared with everyone...

~Spirit Thom, Austin, Texas

modes of peace 

taking the baton
i carry it on
running the race
the human race
the relay of time
time beyond time
the essence of
begin again again

let us begin
a new beginning
let us reach and rally
and run and run
beseech and chant
kneel and pray


whatever it takes
to change the way
we have been living

lay down your arms 
oh! lion

—these are but lambs

~d. ellis phelps, Bulverde, Texas


  1. Where is this place,
    this wide open space
    surrounding us all
    empty of walls?

    Lend me your hand,
    as we take a stand
    and flock together,
    here or wherever.

    Make peace, we say,
    and work for the day
    when you and I, brother,
    will stand by each other

    with sister and mother
    to help all discover
    to truly be free
    for you, you, and me

    means we all understand
    every woman and man,
    regardless of blame
    we all are the same.

    … Ken Gierke, Jefferson City, Missouri

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  2. In the after
    and in-between
    amidst the whys,
    and what is rued–
    just do.

    Make an eden
    of every season, with peace
    well rooted in the garden, increasing,
    so deeply planted that no storm
    can shake it free

    Let this be
    a welcoming space
    for every person, every gender, religion, and race–

    ask if you’ve had enough of shadows,
    shots fired, the snap of Death’s jaws, the
    anger, hate, and fright,

    hear the robin wake the dawn
    plant a garden full of color and light,
    pink with promise, not blood red
    show the living, as you mourn the dead–
    sow seeds of peace, let them grow.

    —Merril D. Smith, National Park, NJ

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