new work: Boundless 2021 Anthology

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with a passion

Boundless 2021 is the project of the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival. Within the pages of this complex, four-hundred page collection:

we sing to the hombre de raza cosmica with Carmen Tafolla, PH. D.: to the man of the cosmic race.

we move with Kamala Platt: to save earth/from ourselves,/bring fire to the night-birth seeds…

we ask with Loretta Diane Walker: Ask the eagle if it’s lonely to be majestic.

we hear the lullaby of doves; we are called with the faithfull: y entre el arrullo de palomas/y sonidos de las campanas de la iglesia/a la distancia/llamando a los fieles… (Paul Pineda).

we greive the heavy handed with jo reyes boitel: Until I am all hand and all hurt. Until my hand begs that I stop.

we feel tricked by the minutes and remember that we cannot stop time with Sarah Joy Thompson.

and with d. ellis phleps, we understand that if we don’t look deep there will be/nothing to keep/nothing to guarantee

This is a collection of bold resistance. It is an act of defiance. These are poems meant to rattle us out of our denial, words meant to devour our complacent, entitlement, poems meant to bring us to our knees.

The anthology features poets writing in both English and Spanish from inside of and beyond the borders of the United States, poets from Mexico, Cyprus, El Salvador, India and Nigeria are included.

Thank you

to co-edtiors Sarah Joy Thompson, Gabriel Gonzalez Nunez and Edward Vidaurre for bringing this powerful collection into being and for choosing to include three of my poems: barefoot on the beach, maybe i can, and mouth of madness. It is an honor to be present here.

Get your copy here.

Namaste y’all!

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