a poem for the day of the dead by Damian Ward Hey

Photo by Tom Wheatley on Unsplash
  ​She, sanctity
 She, sanctity
 she is approached
 by holiness
 in holiness already she, 
 holy one of us
 servant by will
 of wing and flame
 in solitude attended
 prayer’s inner language
 Prayer’s inner silent language
 She, unknown by us outside
 of prayerful hands
 lies in sanctity
 interlace repose
 by wing and flame attended
 Hear her.
 She, life
 she is visited
 by stillness
 in stillness already she,
 still one of us
 servant by will
 of blood and breath
 in solitude attended
 prayers’ outer language
 Prayers’ outer sound of language
 She, unknown to us inside,
 our prayerful hands
 interlace in sanctity
 repose lies
 angelic with flame attending
 Bide her. 
Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

Damian Ward Hey has had poetry published in several places, including Poetry Pacific, Truck, and Cricket Online Review. His work will appear in the forthcoming anthology, Poets with Masks On (Simms, M., Pub., 2020). He lives on Long Island and is a professor of literature and theory at Molloy College. Read more from Hey here.

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