purifying wind: a reading

purifying wind won first place at the state level in the Press Women of Texas annual contest and garnered an Honorable Mention on the national level from the National Federation of Press Women. Both wins were in the editorial category for 2021.

Contributor’s Reading

Gratitude to these generous contributors to Moon Shadow Sanctuary Press’s most recent release, purifying wind (available as an e-book or in paperback) for these lovely readings of their work. The anthology features forty-three poets from five countries writing on themes varying from dating, to end-of-life, to habitats and habits of the vulture itself, and commenting on ritual, connection, justice and more. Here, twelve poets and I read from the collection, reading their own work and the work of others. In the first video, you will hear d. ellis phelps reading Liz Jacoby and Chella Courington (plus a couple of poems from her new book, what holds her), Lori Bonati, Judith Youngers, Chella Courington reading Linda Simone and Lori Bonati, Jean Hackett, Stuart Gunter, and Jean Ryan. In the subsequent videos and soundtrack, you’ll hear Carol Price, Jennifer Schomberg Kanke, Jason O’Toole, Rohn Bayes and William Blackburn.

Now, I’ll let the poets speak for themselves.

Carol Price reading The Lammergeyer

Jennifer Schomberg Kanke reading In Corn Rows Hidden

Jason O’Toole reading Highway Department Auxillary

Rohn Bayes reading Hwy 190

& William Blackburn reading Picking the Bones

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Get your copy of purifying wind here (get an e-book for only $4.99). & as always, thank you for listening!



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