new MSSP title: purifying wind

Moon Shadow Sanctuary Press, 2020


I am very pleased to announce the publication of the first anthology of poetry from Moon Shadow Sanctuary Press: purifying wind.

First, I’d like to profusely thank photographer Esther van Overbeek of The Netherlands for her contribution of the cover image. I think it’s stunningly perfect!

Thank you, Esther!

The collection represents forty-three poets from six coutries, many of whom are prize winners and pushcart nominees: Terry Arata-Maiers, Marilyn Baszczynski, Rohn Bayes, Chris Billings, William Blackburn, Anne Bower, Kate Bremer, Wendy Carlisle, Sudhanshu, Chopra, Sean Corrado, Chella Courington, Charles Darnell, Rae Diamond, Linda Ferguson, Frank William Finney, Stuart Gunter, Jean Hackett, Stephanie Harper, Gloria Heffernan, Maria Illich, Liz Jacoby, Patrick Kurth, Alex Leavens, Dotty Le Mieux, Don Mathis, Laurence Musgrove, James B. Nicola, Robert Okaji, Jason O’Toole, Carol Price, Brian Rihlmann, Jean Ryan, Jennier Schomburg Kanke, Linda Simone, Kelly Talbot, Loretta Diane Walker, Akeith Walters, Judith Youngers, Lori Bonati, Stephen Lewandowski, Jim LaVilla Havelin, Sandi Stromberg, and Jaya Stenquist.

The words of this talented group of writers speak of the ordinary as sacred, of death as rebirth, of the wonder and magic of the natural world and of the deeply personal ways in which each engages what is.

Look for forthcoming posts with excerpts and commentary on the palpable prosetry within its pages, but for now, here is Jennifer Schomberg Kanke reading her contribution, In Corn Rows Hidden:

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