fws: skin Issue #2, Vol 1, Fall ’19 is live

Fleeing from Atlantis Jinterwas via Creative Commons. Some rights reserved.


I read between four and five hundred delicious submissions for this issue so that thirty-eight poets, writers and artists from six countries might be represented here. From the deadline for submissions on Oct. 1, 2019 until yesterday, I have been cocooned in my studio, fully engaged with this work. I am very pleased at its birthing.

Many contributors are prize winners, including Pushcart Nominees; some are established, significant writers with many volumes and credits to their names, some are beginning writers with this being their first publication.

You will notice that I have chosen to format this issue differently than I formatted issue number one. The work featured in issue one was received piecemeal and I had time to wax on and on, commenting at length on each work. But for this issue, I cast a wide netted call, including writers of all genders, from anywhere in the world. With so many submission from which to choose, I was able to create what is considered a full-length manuscript. I find this process amazing-Mystery presenting itself, as the words speak, meld, make their witness, many voices becoming one.

Ah! Spirit.

Thank you for helping me find these incredible writers! & thank you in advance for sharing this deeply personal, metaphysical and bold work with others.

Here’s an excerpt from an Editor’s Choice Award poem by Deborah Rosch Eifert to tantalize you:

 Queen of Dragonflies – Instructions
You must speak to the bees.
You must wade in the desert
until you are as crisp as coral,
then wash in the sea –
drag your fingers through the water.
Pluck the vibrating strings of time,
silently turn three times, then sit.
Dress in clothes made of feathers, but
arm yourself with porcupine quills.
March forward, following the path of light unseen...

Read the entire issue here. Find contributor bios and links here.

Ciao Bellicimos!


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