New work : #painting

Working smaller, way smaller, trying to “fit in” at Gallery G in Wimberley where the Grand Poopah says “small (with a much lower price point) is what sells.”

I love the new pieces. They are, indeed, much easier to transport and I can finish them quickly, comparatively speaking. But.

I feel diminished. & That’s not good.

The monthly drive here takes me through some of the best scenery the Texas Hill Country offers.

I do like sitting on the gallery porch, minding the gallery today. There’s an easy breeze. I have smooth jazz playing on Pandora. & I’m blogging.

It’s an ideal life. If. If I sell. Geez. So, here’s my new small work: 5×7″ and 8×10″ acrylic and ink on gallery wrapped canvas.

Maybe one of them belongs in a corner of your world.

If so, head over to my portfolio page & click to own!

there were tall grasses and giant trees, 5×7″, acrylic, $50

there were tall grasses and giant trees ii, 7×5″, acrylic, $50

desert sky, 5×7″, acrylic, $50

“happy flowers” 7×5”, ink on canvas, $50
“happy trees” 5×7, ink on canvas, $50

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