after the party

rinsed in rain Alan Levine CC

after the party

the wind stopped by late yesterday

brought something cool to drink

put on some light jazz


the elm started to loosen up

swaying her dark bark like a hula dancer

pretty soon the juniper and the peach took a turn

so the wind put on some rock and roll

turned up the bass

yelled let’s party


the laughing got loud and everybody talked at once

the live oaks threw their arms around each other’s necks

i love you man one said

i think i’m going to puke said the other

that’s when the redbud took off all her clothes and

jumped in the pool


this morning a blue raft and a huge brown umbrella are

sleeping it off in the yard

other than that everybody’s acting all natural like

nothing happened, like they’ve agreed to keep the party a secret

cicadas sing

an airplane drones over


but the chime is singing it in the

key of g


Inspired by my poet-friend, Robert Okaji’s post today, I decided to follow suit and  post something “rainy” and fun.

This piece first appeared in the Texas Poetry Calendar 2012 for the month of March.

My heart goes out to all those who have suffered loss, inconvenience and fear because of hurricane Harvey.  May you know comfort and peace.


photo credit:  Alan Levine via Creative Commons.  Public domain.


d. ellis phelps is the author of Making Room for George, (Moon Shadow Sanctuary, 2016) and of this blog.





    • Thank you, Liz! People respond very favorably to this piece. I think, if one ever was a drinker (which I was, UGH!), it’s easy to find one’s self in lines. I’m the one who jumps in the pool, though usually with my clothes on…HA! Oh! for the days 🙂


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