a non-stop read


What makes a book a non-stop read?

In the case of my book, Making Room for George, my readers tell me it’s that they can’t wait to find out what happens next.

This book is not a thriller and the only crimes committed are those of the heart, but there is plenty of suspense in what’s happening between the characters nevertheless.



image:  used with permission of the artist, Ed Kohler via Creative Commons.  Rights reserved.


For example, the time the protagonist, Bet, gets a call from her father-in-law’s neighbor saying, “George is in the dumpster!”



image used with permission of the artist, Marius Maehlen via Creative Commons.  Rights reserved.  This edition of the photo was adapted from the original by Courtney Carmody.

Or the time Bet and Steve first meet on a double-date and steal a kiss plus a whole lot more in the yard between the houses while their dates sit drinking wine in the living room.


image:  “Rubbermaid Homefree Series Closet Kit 3H11used with permission via Creative Commons & RubbermaidRights reserved.

Or the time, many, many years later when Bet moves out of the closet she’s always shared with Steve and into a room of her own across the house from him.


image:  “housewife” used with permission of the artist, Anno Malle via Creative Commons.  Rights reserved.

And most suspenseful of all:  what Bet does when she can’t take her life the way it is anymore!

Making Room for George is FREE to Kindle Unlimited users, 0.99 for Kindle & $9.99 in softcover.






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