New Work: how many walls?

how many walls does it take to build a nation 5.5X9.5 in mm on paper 2017

“how many walls does it take to build a nation?”  9.5X5.5″ mm on paper, 2017.  (c) d. ellis phelps

I think my days of sitting by, being contemplative are somehow over.

Even when I think I have let it all go:  the “white supremacy platforms,” the bigotry, the hate speech, the violence, the attacks on environmental protections, the inane ideas that are not solutions…the insanity appears in my art, in wordy comments on click-here-and-we’ll-make-it-better sites, in my dreams.

This piece, created in late 2016 (remember what was happening then?) is one example of Leo erupting.  It speaks to the proposed physical barrier between Texas and Mexico and to the myriad barriers that, allowed to persist, will ruin us.

d. ellis phelps is the author of Making Room for George, a novel (Moon Shadow Sanctuary, 2016) and of this blog.  Thanks for reading!

blue woods #painting #mixedmedia


I’m having big fun making teeny-tiny art for teeny-tiny spaces!  6X6″ mm on paper painting (acrylic, India Ink and oil pastel) is mounted on acid free backing-board.

Ships in a bubble wrap in an appropriately sized box to prevent damage.


A percentage of profits from #formidableWoman are donated to charities that help women in need.  My current charity-of-choice is The Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation, toward educating Healing Touch Practitioners.

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the #art of repetition

for everything there is a season…

Ecclesiastes 3:1

twelve studies in sacred geometry:


3×3, 6×6, & 12×12″ mixed media collage with repurposed beads, threads, wire & pins.













all original, mixed media now showing at Intermezzo Gallery, Comfort, Texas.  Contact the gallery here.

d ellis phelps is the author of Making Room for George, a love story

how are you experimenting in your life or art form?

images: “loose, fractal studies in sacred geometry” @dellisphelps

I’m experimenting with small pieces on water color and vellum papers. A fractal design, found abundantly in nature (think tree branches), is a never ending pattern that repeats itself at different scales. Sacred geometric archetypes point to each part as inseparable from the Whole.
It is said that meditating on sacred geometric images “can allow us to gaze directly at the face of deep wisdom and glimpse the inner workings of The Universal Mind.” (Rawles, B.)

I love watching patterns and unity emerge from apparent chaos as I work. I may begin in pencil or ink writing decodable language, words playing around in my mind, bubbling up as I work or by simply making marks that urge themselves to kinesthetic consciousness, demanding expression. Then I work in layers in multiple media including water color, acrylic, chalk & oil pastels, and India ink, finally embellishing with collage materials including threads, various materials,beads and found or re-purposed objects.

These pieces may be individually framed, grouped in sets and framed, or arranged and rearranged as whim determines, using hat pins to hang as many as you like on a large wall. Whether you gift this work to someone else or to yourself, do spend time contemplating the messages they bring to you. Let me know what you see!

Recent pieces are still available through my representative:  Intermezzo Gallery, Boerne, TX.

Do you use paper and pen or art materials to get a glimpse into the “Universal Mind?”  How are you experimenting now in your art form or life?

d. ellis phelps is the author of Making Room for George, Balboa Press, 2013.