art on your walls ii

chris at munch on & beyond with clearing i & ii 7 17

Christine with the clearing i & ii 36X12″ acrylic on canvas, 2014. $125 ea or $200 for both

Now showing at Munch on & Beyond!

Stop into this San Antonio plant-based, gluten-free eatery and your tummy will go all yummy!  Yesterday, delivering art, I tried Chris’s vegan lasagna and loved it.

Here you can grab and go, order to go in advance for a party, let’s say, or eat in (one small table that seats six or eight and some comfy sofas).  It’s serve yourself but easy-breezy. You’ll find simple decor, wi-fi, friendly conversation, a nifty, thrifty store on site and local art for sale!

Don’t forget your daily dose of Famous (freshly squeezed) Juice to boost your afternoon energy and to super-anti-oxidize your system, then bring your GLASS bottle back for a discount on your next juice!

If you’re a no-toxins-no-way kind of eater, then this is theeee place in San Antonio for you.



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beer fixes everything

Don’t we all wish this were true?  Some Texans believe it, especially those of German heritage, descendants of pioneers who originally settled in the Texas Hill Country in the late 1800’s.

German tradition permeates our culture right alongside a rich Mexican influence. Within a hundred mile radius during a one day road trip from San Antonio’s downtown El Mercado to Fredericksburg,  travelers can experience both.

  Image: Mi Tierra’s ceiling all year long!

At Mi Tierra Mexican Cafe and Bakery in El Mercado, you can have some of the best Tex-Mex that can be found: enchiladas, sopapias, margaritas & all to the festive or romantic ( per your request) sound of Mariachis 24/7.

And just a few miles northwest, you can feast on sausages, steamed red cabbage, sauerkraut, German potato salad and BEER!!

image:  Rick, Brewmaster

At Fredricksburg Brewing Company, Rick, who’s been the Brewmaster for sixteen years, will make sure you get the perfect blend of brew for you.  They serve a sampler so you can taste first then take a growler of your favorite to go.

I love coming to Fredricksburg and we always eat at the Brewery, mainly because Hubby agrees with the sign on these walls that says “Beer fixes everthing,” but also because the food is great!

image: mixed media glass kinetic sculpture, Dan Pfeiffer. 

But my favorite thing to do in Fredricksburg is to SHOP, especially in the galleries!

image: glass sculpture, artist unknown

No matter whether you come to the Hill Country to explore its heritage or for its food, scenery, or BEER, you are sure to have fun!

We welcome you. And if you don’t learn anything else while you’re here, we’re pretty certain you’ll learn how to do this:

Image: Settler’s Crossing B&B near Fredricksburg

Ya’ll come on down! Maybe we’ll see you on the road.