New work: #poetry publication

Rio Grande River by Tom Driggers via CC

Dreamers and Displaced

I am very pleased to have new work appearing in the current issue of Poets and Dreamers Literary & Fine Arts Journal: Dreamers and Displaced

My three poems, naomi, on a farm in brownsville, and only the ocotillo appear alongside the work of many poets and artists of note including:

Juan Felipe Herrerra,

…at times the shadow
i cannot tell i sleep the blankets folded and unfolded todavía
still here para ti for you         todavía…

Wendy Barker,

…Songbirds return to the same spot year after year. Travel in flocks, rely on their neighbors. Safety in numbers….

Marrian Haddad

…And we danced, under the freeway, wearing our chokers, handmade by native artisans, turquoise and silver and wood, there we were, and many, dancing

and more.  I am deeply honored to be included.

Read Poets and Dreamers here


image:  Rio Grande:  Texas-Mexico is used permission of the artist, Tom Driggers via Creative Commons.  Some rights reserved.



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