an open letter to President Donald Trump

An Open Letter to President Donald Trump:
This nation was already great before you arrived.

It is great because of it’s democracy; it’s laws against prejudice, hate crimes and speech; because it is peopled by individuals of all races and creeds, immigrants from foreign lands, dreamers coming to America to live life in a nation that claims to live under God; because of its acceptance, tolerance, and aid to the “huddled masses.” We are great because in times when others might attack our shores or when there are those among us who lose their bearings and aim their rage and individual prejudices at their own neighbors, we unite.

I stand united with a multitude of others who believe that your decisions to give some of the highest offices in our land to men who publicly express hatred and disdain for people of color, for the rights of women, for our many religious differences, and for other unalienable rights guaranteed to us by our constitution is unconscionable, completely unacceptable, and frankly, Sir, UN-American.

Please, right this wrong. Make us proud. Do the right thing. Do the Godly thing. Do the American thing. Remove these hateful men from the leaderships to which you’ve appointed them and replace them with reasonable, careful, gentlemen or gentlewomen without overt prejudice.

Further, as our leader, you must speak and act, speak AND ACT swiftly to completely abolish and ban hate oriented organizations such as the KKK, those professing to be Nazis and other white supremacists, as they are perpeptrating terrorism in the name of “freedom of speech” and “the right to peaceful assembly.”

Act now. Be swift. Be bold. 


    • Thank you, Peggy. I must confess that when I noticed your comment and before I read it, I held my breath, wondering if it would be in agreement or in dissent. Publishing such a strong opinion is risky but it has been said that if no one ever disagrees with you, you don’t stand for anything.

      I stand for peace.


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