What Every Writer Wants

Thruline Declines
Rejection #9,999

Not This!  #%!@&*$@#

Though as an artist and poet, I am used to submitting work with a reading fee or contest fee, this is the most expensive rejection letter I’ve ever received.  Bummer!  If you’re curious about how much I paid to get it, click here.

Oh well.  Here’s the good news.  Since Thruline had a “first look” exclusive on buying the rights to my novel for TV and Film and they’ve declined to buy, now my book is up for grabs to a savy producer looking for a tender love story with a strong, female, main character.

The treatment (a synopsis written by a third party complete with ideas about how to turn Making Room for George into a movie) now goes into the Author Solutions Hollywood Database for review by producers and film/TV execs looking for new projects.

Learn more about pitching your very own story to Hollywood here, but wait.  Hold on to your wallet!

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