the surprising, 2014-2017

“what makes the worlds” 60X48″ acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

The first canvas that became the first painting in this series (“what makes the worlds: chit ganna”) had hung on my studio wall, blank, for months. In early fall of 2013, I blocked in a seated female figure on the canvas. To my surprise, she was pregnant. Again, the painting sat for months, gestating. Busy with other creative projects, with family, with holiday celebrations, I could not bring myself to the careful, layered, figurative work I’d told myself I would continue and that I had been doing for several years.The question is, “Who was telling whom?”If I listened deeply, I knew something different and exciting wanted to emerge. Could I allow this? How would it flow with the series of paintings on which I have been working? What would the work have to say? When I finally allowed myself to paint, to play, I finished “chit ganna” in just three sittings of several hours each on January 1, 2014. This is significant, as I have formerly been very slow to complete the larger work represented by my former series, “Beyond Boundaries,” only completing one painting a year.

This emerging painting style has become, for me, a kind of affirmation or resolution, if you will: I allow & divine interplay in my art, in my life. Not only do I allow this interplay, but I invite it and welcome all of its surprising.”the surprising” has brought with it much emotional healing and hope.

~the surprising, d. ellis phelps, 2014

More surprising…

“from the sea of sleep” 36X36″ mm on canvas hanging
“raven spirit dancer ii” 36X35″ mm on canvas
“transmutation in blue” 36X36″ mm on gallery wrapped canvas, 2017. Now showing at Simply Hair Studio, San Antonio, TX
“navigating the grids” 36X36 acrylic on canvas SOLD!
“just when she thought all was lost: this shaman; these trees” 36X36 ” acrylic on canvas, 2014. SOLD!
“love seeks its own” 36X12″ acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 2014.
“time after time” 36X36″ mm on gallery wrapped canvas, 2015. Now showing at Simply Hair Studio, San Antonio, Texas
“threading through the past” 36X36″ acrylic on canvas,2014.
“breaking through” 36X36″ mm on gallery wrapped canvas, 2015.
“the clearing ii” 36X12 acrylic on canvas; 2014
“the clearing” 36X12 acrylic on canvas, 2014

This series comprised the body of my solo show at Intermezzo Gallery of Boerne, Texas in 2014, at which I also read excerpts from my now published debut book of ecstatic poetry, what holds her. Here is a recording and video of that reading.