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Mouse over book covers and follow links to read some of my poetry in online publications or to buy a copy of the publication:

bone country in New Texas: Journal of Literature and Culture, July, 2019

what holds her, a full-length collection of ecstatic poetry, Main Street Rag (forthcoming, 2019/20). Pre-publication ordering available soon. Below is an image I love and recommended to the publisher for the cover. It should give you a feeling for what’s inside. Deep gratitude to the photographer, Esther Van Overbeek for permission to use the image. Please visit her site and see more of her amazing work here.

serenity by Esther Van Overbeek, used with permission of the artist via Flickr (c) rights reserved

santa claus face down in Texas Poetry Calendar 2020

shape a prayer in The Larger Geometry, peaceCenter Books, 2018. d. e. phelps, R. Okaji and M. K. Grant, Eds.

Here is an excerpt to entice you. The purchase of this anthology benefits the peaceCenter, San Antonio.

shape      a prayer
fingertips touch
moist      black earth
i pluck a piece
of purple heart jew
& think of you
bare legs
like mine      as white
as the gardenias
you loved
the two of us
in short pants
for the first time
each spring
mother & daughter
weeding st. augustine ...

naomi, only the ocotillo, and on a farm in brownsville in Poets and Dreamers: Dreamers and Displaced Issue, 2018, Anne Tammel, Ed.

rachmaninoff off key in Amethyst Review, Feb. 22, 2019, Sarah Law, Ed.

deluge in Amethyst Review, Jan. 28, 2019, Sarah Law, Ed.

birdfeeder in The Enchantment of the Ordinary, Mutabilis Press 2018, John Gorman, Ed.

I am honored to have a poem about my maternal grandfather, included in this beautiful anthology.  Here are a few lines to entice you:

long      the hawk      perches
—a finial atop the deck-post in my       backyard
                     stillness           hunting
only his head turns      keen eyes           unblinking
this bird of prey      waits:
      for the lizard to slip      from its       burrow
      for the grass-snake                           slithering
his red breast      his hunger
pressed      against grey                         sky

i think      of you:  my mind                   returning
to east texas pines    
to walks through loblolly                       stands
i loved to hold      your grandfather       hands
the middle finger of your left one          —a nub— 
a nub you cut off with an axe                accidentally
as a boy           chopping wood
how i wondered about that finger  
its smooth      round end     
how you said:  it doesn’t                       hurt        

Texas Poetry Calendar Cover Art 2019

Find my poem “stopping by” in this handy day-planner, a Texas iconic publication that has poetry on every page; it makes a great gift and is a handy way to keep up with days going by AND read some poetry by some of Texas finest poets.   $14.95

Sixfold book cover summer 2013

“and the red oak spoke,” “this well,” “dawn,”through this cumulous,” & “. (          ) –wind” in Sixfold Poetry Summer 2013.

Buy Sixfold Poetry Summer 2013 here

Sixfold book cover fall 2013

five poems, “i wake the night” in Sixfold Poetry Fall 2013.

Buy Sixfold Poetry Fall 2013 here

sustaining abundant life book cover 2009

The collection, Sustaining Abundant Life, includes the work of notable Texas poets including Marian Haddad, Carol Coffee Reposa, & Susan Hanson among others.

Buy Sustaining Abundant Life here


if all of us: individuals, priests, ministers, rabbis, gurus, healers, poets, and people of all faiths would turn our thinking away from rage and distress over the apparent problem in the ocean and literally, prayerfully send the energy of loving-kindness to the water, holding her in our thought in Light and claiming her wholeness by the power of All that is Holy, we could, on this physical plane, by the focus of our thought, change the chemical make-up of each crystal of water and help the ocean clean itself up.  Even better, if we gathered at her shores from all around the world en masse in this effort, we would make an even bigger impact toward her healing.

d. ellis phelps, 2010

“outside the cyclone fence” with artist’s eco-poetics statement in Poets for Living Waters. 

Om symbol creative commons attribution“om” image used with permission of the artist, Karen, via creative commons

“this poem is plenty” online with the San Antonio peaceCenter

Texas Poetry Calendar Book cover 2011“on the lawn” in Texas Poetry Calendar, 2011 

buy Texas Poetry Calendar 2011 here

Metaphysical Expressions #3 Book Cover

“this mirror a monk teaching the dharma” in Metaphysical Expressions #3, p.65


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