Energy Healing

 breaking dawn by john mcsporran via cc

Individual Healing Help

You know how when “life happens,” we can sometimes feel overwhelmed, have headaches or backaches, get depressed, feel angry or anxious or lost and alone?

I help people feel less overwhelmed and more at ease in their mind-bodies  through drug-free, energetic intervention, multi-faith, spiritual companionship, art making, creative writing and retreats.

During individual sessions, I can help you clear and balance your subtle energy system with hands-on (for clients in or around the San Antonio area) or long-distance healing sessions (for clients out of this area) in which I remain heart-centered, neutral & connected to Spirit.  Together with my clients I hold sacred space, setting intentions for desired outcomes  but remaining neutral as to actual outcomes.

During a session, clients remain comfortably clothed and lying on a massage table.  While remaining neutral & grounded, I use breath work, aromatherapy, guided meditation, sounding, drumming & light touch techniques above or on the body to balance and clear the subtle energy system.

Results are varied & cumulative during on-going sessions, thus a client commitment to six consecutive sessions is strongly encouraged.

You may benefit from energetic clearing and balancing if:

  • You have had a recent surgery/injury.
  • Are living with stress, chronic illness, or pain.
  • Are experiencing a life changing transition: loss, illness, injury, birth, moving, job change…
  • Are unable to receive massage.
  • Are healthy and want to maintain good health and prevent illness.


What might happen:

  • somatic release
  • detoxification
  • emotional balance
  • improved sleep
  • speedier post operative healing
  • decreased recovery time after injury
  • decreased need for pain medication
  • reduced hypertension
  • improved immune function
  • reduced agitation in Alzheimer’s patients
  • ease through life-transitions
  • ease through the dying process
  • spiritual awakening and support
  • health maintenance

I have been practicing energy-work, beginning with Reiki for decades as a form of personal healing and with family, friends and creature-beings.  In 2006, I began my journey toward certification and began building my private healing practice.

I have seen this work transform lives, including my own.  I was especially honored to work for several years at San Antonio’s Haven for Hope, first as a volunteer and then as paid staff, working with staff and members there doing hands-on healing sessions.

I would be honored to bring energetic therapies to you as part of your wellness protocol.  To view my Mind-Body-Spirit Work Vita click here.


d. ellis phelps

contact me for an initial consultation and to set an appointment for an individual hands-on or long-distance session or to inquire about designing a retreat for your group.

In the meantime, give this awesome chanting a listen.  Chime in.  You’ll feel soooo much better!

d. ellis phelps is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Texas #MT105635.  She takes state mandatedClient Intake Forms and keeps state mandated records on all of her clients.  Click here to view her  Privacy Policy


images:  all are used with permission of the artist via Creative Commons with some rights reserved unless otherwise noted.  1) breaking dawn by John McSporran



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